Secure Network Access

ASU Device Onboarding Process

Acceptable Use Policy

Recommended VPN solutions to use on personal devices:

For mobile devicesĀ Panos Global Protect can be added to the list above.

Points taken into consideration when reviewing the VPN solutions:

  • Security protocols used
  • Logs and/or data retention
  • Servers location
  • Company home office
  • Data privacy concerns
  • Data leaks concerns
  • Vulnerability listed in the wild
  • Proof of concepts released for the associated CVEs
  • Type of subscription
  • External audit trails for log/data retention confirmations

A small subset of the VPN technologies available today have significant vulnerabilities that put the ASU network and its users at risk. To protect against this specific set of risky VPN technologies, we have implemented protective measures to safeguard against their use, while still allowing the use of the VPN technologies listed above. Any questions regarding VPN can be directed to