Reporting Threats to Safety

October 31st, 2023

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Immediate safety need?


Are students involved?



Are faculty and/or staff involved?




Frequently Asked Questions

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What to report?

What if I’m not sure where to report?

What happens after a report?

What kind of help is available?

Concerns about safety or security of yourself or others, including violent, threatening, intimidating, and distressing behavior.

We have multiple reporting paths to help you get relevant help faster.  We will coordinate as needed to ensure the right offices are involved, no matter which path you choose. Individuals experiencing the behavior will be contacted to connect them with resources available at the university or in the community.  Depending on the situation, other measures may also be taken to address safety or security of individuals or the community.

Depending on the situation and the individual’s needs, resources may include adjustments to school or work schedules or locations, diversion of email or phone messages, safety planning and resources, threat and security assessments, counseling, or health care.


For more information about ASU’s Threat Assessment Management Approach, see