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Support for Annual Training Compliance

Training Dashboard

Information on how to use the Tableau Dashboard to verify Faculty and Staff compliance progress can be found here. While this article does focus on the InfoSec Training, more options can be selected in the dropdown menu. 


To make this process as successful as possible we are going to need feedback from the community. 

  • Please share any outlier cases for people who are not managers or senior managers but need access to Career EDGE for training and reporting purposes. Please send those instances to Amanda Noble @ Amanda.L.Noble@asu.edu 
  • Issues with accuracy of training completion data should be escalated to Paul Stoll @ Paul.Stoll@asu.edu or via ServiceNow Career edge ticket 
  • Please share your personal experiences with accessing and using the Tableau required training dashboards as well as accessing the raw data by reaching out to Infosec@asu.edu
  • Without verification tools it becomes much harder to drive compliance, but users are still expected to have completed their required InfoSec training this past October 31st. 


We thank you for ensuring compliance training completion as a reflection of your commitment to the security of ASU.