Security Policies

Enterprise Technology Policies

The complete list of ASU Enterprise Technology Policies can be viewed here.

ASU Information Security Policy

The ASU Information Security Policy establishes the framework for the protection of university assets and information resources from accidental or intentional unauthorized access or damage, while also preserving the open information sharing requirements of its academic culture. This policy lays the foundation for a common understanding of information security at ASU based on the generally accepted principles of confidentiality, availability and integrity.  Confidentiality limits information access to authorized users, integrity protects information against unauthorized modification and availability ensures that information is accessible when needed.  Together these three principles ensure that university information can be used in support of the pursuit of the university’s goals of teaching, research, and service.

Additionally, the policy provides for the integrity of institutional processes and records and supports the university’s compliance with state and federal laws, rules and regulations. The ASU Information Security Policy outlines a University Information Security Program and a University Information Security Task Force in support of this policy.

The full policy can be found in the ASU Information Security Policy (pdf).

ACD 125

This policy defines the boundaries of acceptable use of ASU computing and communication resources, including computers, networks, electronic mail services, electronic information sources, voice mail, telephone services, and other communication resources. In addition, this policy reflects the goal of ASU to foster academic freedom while respecting the principles of freedom of speech and the privacy rights of ASU students, faculty, employees, and guests.

The full policy can be found in the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual (ACD 125).

Access to Technology Resources Policy

ASU provides centrally managed information technology services and resources to employees, students, and other affiliates for activities related to its mission of teaching and learning, research, and service. The University limits access to only those individuals and entities that are actively involved in supporting the institution’s mission and goals.

The full policy can be found within the Access to University Technology Resources Policy.

Electronic Safety and Security Systems Policy

All ASU safety and security systems on all campuses that are proposed, requested or used must adhere to PDP 201-06.  These include access control, intrusion alarms, panic alarms, silent alarms, robbery alarms, security cameras, or video surveillance. 

You can find the full policy here, Governing Electronic Safety and Security System.