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Antimalware Software

The Information Security Office (ISO) recommends the following Antimalware solutions:

Operating SystemtypeRecommended AntivirusWhere to get it
Windows 10ASU-owned systemCrowdStrikeContact your local Deskside Support for installation steps
Windows 10Personal systemWindows DefenderPre-installed on Windows 10
Linux/UNIXASU-owned systemCrowdStrikeContact your local Deskside Support for installation steps
Linux/UNIXPersonal systemClamAVhttps://www.clamav.net/downloads
Mac OSASU-owned systemCrowdStrikeContact your local deskside support staff
Mac OSPersonal systemAvast Home for Machttps://www.avast.com/en-eu/free-mac-security

Note: All antivirus solutions should be properly configured after installation to automatically retrieve the latest updates, perform regular scans, and have real time protection enabled (scan files on-access – if the feature is available).