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ASU has deployed a two-factor authentication service for ASURITE logins as an additional measure for managing cybersecurity threats. All ASU faculty and staff will need to be enrolled with DUO's authentication services Feb. 10, 2017, and can expect ASU online services to begin prompting users to sign in with DUO two-factor authentication shortly thereafter in February.

ASU has partnered with DUO to provide two-factor authentication to protect sensitive information such as login credentials and personal information to augment the traditional password. DUO offers a flexible set of options including calling a cell phone, texting, using the DUO push app, calling a landline and lastly, a hardware token option for those without access to one of the other options.

Faculty and staff will be prompted to sign in with DUO two-factor authentication to access ASU services including My ASU, Blackboard and PeopleSoft, about once a week per registered device (per computer/web browser combination). Users will also be prompted each time they access their W-2 and direct deposit information or connect through the virtual private network. Email services will not immediately require DUO; however, it is planned for later this year.

Further information for two-factor authentication is located in MyASU in the To-Do as "ASU Two-Factor Authentication" or visit:

MyASU profile tab:
•    Click "Emergency & Alert Preferences"
•    Select "Two Factor Authentication Device Management"
For any additional questions about DUO, start with your local departmental desk-side support. These teams work directly with the Information Security Office (ISO) to address any concerns you may have. If you need further assistance, call our Help Center at 1-855-278-5080 as needed.

Mark Searle
Executive Vice President and University Provost
Arizona State University

Morgan R. Olsen
Executive Vice President, Treasurer and CFO
Arizona State University