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Data Privacy Day

January 28th, 2020

Data privacy is such an important topic that it gets its own international day each year! On January 28, Data Privacy Day recognizes the need for personal data and privacy protection practices.  As technology enhancements come at a breakneck pace, we all live technology-enhanced lives with each new app or IoT gadget. These new tools provide tremendous value to our lives, however it becomes vitally important that we understand how the data it collects is used.

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), which coordinates the Data Privacy Day campaign in the United States, puts it this way. “Data Privacy Day is the signature event in a greater privacy awareness and education effort. Year-round, NCSA educates consumers on how they can own their online presence and shows organizations how privacy is good for business.”

Many of us are unaware of how much data we are sharing, where our data is going or how our data is used by the services we frequently interact with, even those services that leverage our data as a part of the service. 

To help ensure your data is used in ways you expect, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn location services “off” within your mobile apps except when you are actively using that component of the service such as using map services to locate a nearby restaurant or gas station.  

  2. Before you sign up for a new app or online service, review the privacy policy for organizations you plan to interact with before you give them your data.  

  3. Check out ASU’s privacy statements in the footer of every ASU webpage. 

  4. Send questions or comments to

ASU’s own Information Security Office, within the University Technology Office (UTO), works university-wide to provide guidance for effective security practices to members of the ASU community through awareness campaigns, training programs, short videos and more. Understanding how to safeguard all information you encounter at work, at school or at home including your personal information information is essential. 

Our website,, is a vital resource for privacy as well as information security at ASU including identity theft and phishingtax season scamshacking, and social engineering. 

Join our ASU Cybercommunity on Slack, at the #asu-cybersecurity-community channel, where you will find interesting articles, as well as current events focused on these rapidly evolving topics so you can stay informed today and always!