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Control Your Location

February 27th, 2020

It is important as consumers to be aware of everything that we buy and use. This is true for a car, phone, or even an app. It can be difficualt to understand what a person is agreeing to when using or buying a new product. Many companies have complex terms in their agreements (End User License Agreement or Terms and Conditions). Most consumers don't read the agreements and just accecpt them. There are new laws that are forcing companies to develop ways of notifying end users of these agreements, but consumers should still educate themselves on how their data is being used.

In the phone application world, apps can gain access to your location, usage habbits, or certain settings that you might be unconfortable with the company collecting. The time and usage of the data can vary based on the company or application.

If you want to have more control over the data that your applications collect, please use the linked article as a high level guide to limit the access that applications have on your personal data.  

Article From SANS 

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