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Security Alert

Recent vulnerabilities have been identified in Apple's IOS platform that potentially allow bad actors to listen in on phone conversations and exploit FaceTime. Please take a moment to update any IOS device to the latest version 12.1.4 which fixes the vulnerabilities. 


As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates and patches for the Windows 7 Operating System. As these security updates and patches provide critical protection against newly discovered exploits, systems running on Windows 7 after this date are potentially insecure, and ASU recommends migrating to a newer Operating System prior to that date. Precautions may be taken at that time to protect the ASU network and systems, including removal of outdated systems from the network.

Public Service and Healthcare organizations have been a prime target for cyber attacks in recent years. Within the emergence of COVID-19, these critical organizations have seen a rise of attention from cyber threat actors. Not only is the nature of the sensitive data appealing, but the critical functions they serve. A breach into these institutions could have devastating effects on those in need and of the life-sustaining services provided by these organizations.

It is believed the Chronicles of Higher Education user database has been compromised with around 3 million records. A recent report by zdnet stated a high probability of many user credentials from this database will be sold on the dark web marketplace. A major reason for concern is that Chronicles of Higher Education is a very popular website among academia. If you have an account related to The Chronicles of Higher Education we highly recommend resetting your password on this website “The Chronicles of Higher Education”.

Recently, we have noticed a large number of gift card scams coming through email services that have been targeting the ASU community. The ASU Information Security Office reminds everyone to be vigilant about the threat landscape that is present on the internet. Below are the details of the scam and actual examples of the gift card scams.

How does the Scam Work:

  1. The scam sent will usually include “Are you available” as the body or subject of the email. 

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