Encrypt Everything!

Safeguarding ASU’s assets and information is of utmost importance to ASU. As ASU pursues research and discovery, the university must identify and invest in security controls that enable staff and faculty to protect ASU’s data from unauthorized access.

There are policies and laws that include civil penalties for not adequately protecting certain types of data.  University data includes personally identifiable information, student records, health records, financial records, and research data.  Encryption plays a key role in keeping information safe by ensuring that it can't be obtained through theft or eavesdropping.  

Encryption is one of the Top 5 critical security initiatives at ASU.  Faculty and staff need to implement encryption and other standard security requirements on all devices accessing the ASU network.  This can include desktops, laptops, mobile devices, printers, HVACs, RFID readers, cameras, display boards, etc.

Encryption of desktops, laptops and other mobile devices ensures that if your device is stolen, any sensitive information on its disk will be unavailable to the thief.  

Encryption of printers, cameras, display boards, and other equipment that use ASU’s network ensures that the transmission of information to and from those devices, including login information which could be used to do further damage, is unable to be viewed by anyone.  

More information on encryption can be found here.  Your local technical support personnel can also help with questions about encryption computers and devices.