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Toolkit to Assist with FY22 InfoSec Training Compliance

For those of you who may be new to this process, this annual training highlights security best practices and our individual responsibilities that play a crucial role in protecting ASU. Over 17,000 individuals have completed the training this fiscal year. 

The Toolkit includes a refresher on the Training Dashboard, templates to assist in your communication efforts and support for compliance enforcement. 

  • Information Security Awareness Training Dashboard: The Training Dashboard is available to you 24/7 and is updated once a day with the most current training completion data. It identifies which individuals have completed or not completed the training course and allows you to export information to assist in your communication efforts. Please utilize the updated Knowledge Base article for detailed information regarding use of the Dashboard. 
  • Communication Templates: Templates for faculty and staff/students are available to assist with compliance communication with faculty, staff and student workers and may be modified as is appropriate for your specific use. Also available is a Google Sheet that may be used to provide feedback or request clarification in an effort to keep things running smoothly.
  • Support for Training Enforcement: In support of compliance enforcement efforts, departments may request an ASURITE password reset for individuals who have not completed training. If you think this would be a beneficial approach for your department, please email infosec@asu.edu to start the password reset process. The affected individual can reach out to the Experience Center at 855-278-5080 to reset their password and gain temporary access to their accounts.


Have questions or comments? Please email infosec@asu.edu