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Student update April 2015

This newsletter is part of a series of e-mails designed to inform you about information security at Arizona State University that is required by different governing bodies. All ASU faculty, staff, and students are subscribed to receive this communication.

Student update  April 2015

Identity theft is an ever present and growing concern, both at ASU and beyond. ASU takes your security and that of your personal information seriously. To ensure you have the best protection, we have partnered with AllClear ID to provide you with complimentary identity repair assistance. read article

An evolving security threat, known as Ransomware, infects computers through malware and requires payment before files are released. Ransomware comprises a class of malware which restricts access to the computer system that it infects, and demands a ransom paid to the creator of the malware in order for the restriction to be removed. read article

Cybercrime is criminal activity taking place across the internet and the worrisome part is that these scams are taking place with increasing complexity and frequency. Some recent trends are affecting the ASU community as well those across the nation and around the world include: breaking into your computer systems to install malware, stealing your login credentials, then using your account to send out spam and phishing emails, stealing your personal or banking information, or causing embarrassment by defacing websites. read article

Let’s face it. We are in the mobile technology age. It’s not if you have a mobile device, it’s how many. According to the PewResearchCenter Mobile Technology Fact Sheet: 90% of American adults own a cell phone, 42% of American adults own a tablet computer. In fact, 29% of cell owners describe their cell phone as “something they can’t imagine living without”. Yet, according to a recent Consumer Reports study, many people don’t even take the most basic precautions to keep the information carried around on mobile devices safe. read article
  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Preventing sexual violence on campus takes more than one department, office, club, team, administrator, professor, staff member, or student. It takes all of us working together in big and small ways. Everyone can play a role in creating a culture of safety, equality, and respect on campus. Detailed information on university events can be found on the ASU Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention webpage. https://sexualviolenceprevention.asu.edu/
  • Student Training Resources - Please visit https://getprotected.asu.edu/students for more training links and resources.

Don't get phished! - watch this short video for some tips on protecting yourself from phishers: http://links.asu.edu/phishingvideo

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