Stop Identity Theft with AllClear ID

Identity theft is a rampant means of taking advantage of your information, but there is good news for victims: ASU has partnered with AllClear ID for complimentary identity repair service for members of the ASU community.

AllClear Guarantee coverage automatically applies to ASU faculty, staff, students, parents, and applicants at no cost. It can help you bounce back from identity theft, an otherwise difficult and long process. AllClear ID is a convenient and effective way to mitigate the damage done to your credit and information.

To take advantage of AllClear ID:

  • Call AllClear ID at 1-855-434-8075 to talk with a representative who can answer your questions and will work to recover losses, restore credit, and generally help fix your identity fraud issues.

  • Use coverage code ASU458 to identify as an ASU community member.

  • Know that you won’t have to prove the circumstances of your problem, such as where or how it occurred.

As helpful as AllClear ID is, preventing identity theft before it happens is obviously the priority. Going forward, whether shopping online or in person, there are a few precautions you can take to avoid identity theft or information breaches:

  • A simple way to take care when checking out in a store, make sure to shield the keypad when you input your PIN. “Shoulder surfing” is one of the most obvious yet effective ways criminals steal your information.

  • Saving your credit card and shipping information on shopping sites like Amazon maintains a repository of easily access information in the event that someone accesses your account. As annoying as it may be, entering your information each time you order something is much safer.

  • Just like storing your information on shopping sites like Amazon is a bad idea, most web browsers will also offer to store your credit card and account information. Never store this information on your browser. If your system or the browser were compromised, your information could get stolen.

  • Be aware of phishing emails telling you about further deals based on what you’ve ordered or searched before. Your search history can often be targeted against you, and bot correspondence or crafted email scams can contain links to malware-infected sites.

For more information about the AllClear ID service, please visit

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