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Security Training Proposed Schedule

This is the proposed schedule for training compliance for each high level university department or unit.  Adjustments to this schedule can be coordinated by contacting Evelyn Pidgeon directly or emailing infosec@asu.edu

Once your department's compliance deadline passes, the training team will initiate the process to reset the ASURITE passwords for faculty and staff who have not completed the FY19 training.  The following template can be used to notify individuals in advance of the compliance date. 

Compliance Schedule by Department

11/19/18GIOS, CHS
11/28/18Business & Finance
12/3/18UTO, Barrett
12/10/18BioDesign, Enrollment, Enterprise Marketing, Gammage, Media Relations, OKED
12/17/18Alumni, Athletics, Libraries, President, Provost, Thunderbird
1/7/19HIDA, MLFTC, Public Service and & Community Solutions
1/14/19CONHI, FSE
1/21/19Cronkite, Graduate Education, EdPlus, Law, New College, SFIS, UC, WPC