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Information Security Update for Faculty & Staff - Fall 2015

This newsletter is part of a series of e-mails designed to inform you about information security at Arizona State University that is required by different governing bodies. All ASU faculty & staff are subscribed to receive this communication.

Faculty & Staff update  |  November 2015

The 2015 Information Security refresher is now available! All ASU staff are required to take an information security class within the first month of employment and annually thereafter. This online, self-paced class shows you how to protect ASU data and information systems from harm. read article

ASU has new guidelines regarding accepting software downloads and end user license agreements (EULAs). This joint effort with the Information Security Office (ISO), Procurement, and the Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides Do’s and Don’t’s for everyone to follow. Here are some of the highlights. read article

ASU is continuing its efforts to innovate by partnering with the cloud storage company Dropbox to provide a new tool for faculty and staff to use in the workplace. read article

Have you noticed that every year we seem to get more and more space to store our work rather than less? What happened to those warnings that you are reaching your limit, forcing you to back up, clean up, and just plain delete stuff?  Now many people have automatic backup services, and we’ve gone from using megabytes to gigabytes daily. Even terms like terabyte are now common rather than science fiction... read article

Identity theft is an ever present and growing concern, both at ASU and beyond. ASU takes your security and that of your personal information seriously. To ensure you have the best protection, we have partnered with AllClear ID to provide you with complimentary identity repair assistance. read article


Don't get phished! - watch this short video for some tips on protecting yourself from phishers: http://links.asu.edu/phishingvideo
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