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Duo Two-Factor for Students

Beginning in April 2018, currently enrolled students will have their banking information protected with two-factor authentication.  When their account is enabled they will see a to-do item posted on their MyASU page notifying them it was enabled. As students access their banking information online at ASU, they will be required to enroll in, and use, two-factor authentication with Duo. Students will not need two-factor authentication for any other web pages or services at this time.

The facts are that ASURITE accounts compromises have dropped considerably with the implementation of two-factor.  While the external threats have remained relatively constant at 172 billion per year, our instances of potentially compromised accounts dropped by roughly 40%, from 663 in 2016 to 393 in 2017.

ASU is committed to protecting students from fraud and scams that attempt steal student financial information. Enabling two-factor authentication on web pages that display banking information is an essential means to protect student financial data.

If you are unfamiliar with two-factor authentication or how Duo works please click the videos below or read this knowledge article.

Please enroll a second device to ensure you can always authenticate. See “Step Three: Enroll a Second Device” in the knowledge article for information on enrolling a second device. This is especially important if you are a student-employee and need to authenticate in classroom situations where you may not be able to use your cell phone.

1) What is it and how do I enroll? (3 min)
2) How can I add a second device? (2 min)
3) How do I use it? (2 min )

Ready to get started? You will be asked to enroll in Duo if you meet these 2 requirements:
1. You are enrolled in classes in the current semester and
2. have access to the direct deposit link.