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Duo Two-Factor and Email (and other Microsoft cloud services like Skype and OneDrive)

After January 16th,  depending on when your department is enabled, you will see the authentication and Duo prompt (shown below) with desktop and mobile applications like Outlook, Skype or OneDrive upon initial connection and then periodically thereafter in 90-day intervals.

1) When the following ASU ADFS Microsoft Services Sign In page appears: 


2) You’ll be asked for Duo two-factor authentication, just like my.asu.edu and other ASU websites.


The roll-out will be department by department and your local support staff will contact you when your account is enabled. Here is the proposed rollout schedule.

If you receive ASU Office 365 Exchange email on your mobile device, we strongly recommend using the Microsoft Outlook Mobile App because it is fully compatible with newer Microsoft authentication protocols. On a PC, Office 2016 will work with Microsoft Modern Authentication but Office 2013 on a PC requires a fix found here.  On a Mac, the native Mac Mail client will no longer work, only Microsoft Outlook 2016 is compatible. 
For more information about supported desktop or mobile devices (Android or iOS) review this ServiceNow article.

How to get help:

Please also review these articles below for how to connect to ASU O365 Exchange with fully compatible mobile email clients: 

Please note, even If you have previously setup one of the recommended mobile mail clients, you may need to remove your ASU O365 Exchange mail account connection and recreate the connection to authenticate properly and receive mail on your device. 

The Outlook Web Access client, which is located at https://outlook.office.com/owa/exchange.asu.edu, is always available if you need to access mail but are having trouble with your locally installed Outlook desktop or mobile client.

ADFS enabled websites, like analytics.asu.edu, or portal.office.com, will prompt at the same intervals as ASU single-sign-on sites do now. Duo will not be required to log into your computer.