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Dropbox Pro Offer for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Our partners at Dropbox are offering a significantly-discounted first-year rate (30% off) on Dropbox Pro licenses for anyone at ASU! While ASU offers Dropbox for Education accounts to Faculty/Staff for business use, this is an opportunity to obtain a personal Dropbox Pro account at a great rate. Pro offers 1TB of space (vs. 2GB with free accounts), and advanced security features such as remote wipe on devices, password-protection and expiration on links. This Dropbox Pro offer is only for personal account upgrades.

If you are a faculty or staff member and haven’t signed up for your Dropbox for Education account yet, please visit http://links.asu.edu/dropbox to request access. ASU Dropbox for Education accounts have even more storage & advanced security features, but should only be used for business and educational purposes.

For more information on the security benefits of Dropbox Pro, please visit:

To read more about the history of our partnership, please visit:

Please note some important criteria:

  • User has never started a Dropbox Pro trial, is not a current Pro user, and has never been a Pro user
  • This offer can not be applied retroactively to existing Pro Accounts.
  • The cash code (link provided by Ryan) has not expired (exp.10/31).

To sign up for this wonderful opportunity, please visit our sign-up form.