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Identity Theft: ASU will help protect you

Identity theft is an ever present and growing concern, both at ASU and beyond. ASU takes your security and that of your personal information seriously. To ensure you have the best protection, we have partnered with AllClear ID to provide you with complimentary identity repair assistance. AllClear Guarantee coverage is automatic and applies to you regardless of the circumstances in which you might become a victim of fraud or identity theft. This new benefit is available immediately at no cost to you. As a student, or even an applicant, the benefit also extends to your parents!

What is the AllClear ID Guarantee?
The Guarantee is complimentary identity protection service available through ASU. The Guarantee covers you everywhere, no matter where or how identity theft or fraud may occur. If you experience identity theft, you just simply call AllClear ID and your representative will work for you to recover any losses and restore your credit.

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