Courtesy Affiliate Program

The Courtesy Affiliate Program at ASU was founded to provide access and services to individuals who are either not employed by ASU, or not in the ASU student lifecycle (e.g. applied student, enrolled student, alum). Sub affiliation type(s) were developed to provide affiliated users access to ASU’s enterprise applications and services.

Information Security Taskforce 

The Information Security Task Force provides oversight for the Information Security Program.  The Task Force reviews and recommends information security initiatives, standards and procedures as well as provide guidance and support to the Information Security Office.

Partner to Protect

The 2020 ASU Partner to Protect Arizona Unconference will convene and collaboratively engage a community of cybersecurity professionals, practitioners, partners, and champions, in partnership with Crowdstrike, to work together to build upon the themes we surfaced in on October 2nd Threat Hunting event.

Privacy Team

The ASU Privacy Team consists of professionals and subject matter experts representing various colleges, organizations, and departments within ASU.

Student Technology Advisory Board

The board works with University Technology officials to review and propose enhancements of existing services and development of new services to meet the needs of  the growing student population

ASU IT Community of Practice

The ASU IT Community of Practice is sponsored by the ASU CIO and the ASU University Technology Office (UTO) with a common goal to ensure the use of secure, effective, sustainable, and innovative technology to serve the needs of ASU’s faculty, staff, and students. The community is comprised of the the Distributed IT Community Working Group (WG-DT) and the Information Technology Community (ITC).

External Groups

These groups are local information Security organizations that promote professional developement and career networking.