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Annual Information Security Training – Index





ASU’s Computer, Internet, and Electronic Communications Information Management Policy, ACD125. All members of the ASU community are bound to this policy.

Information security standards and policies, full list

Links to ASU policies, standards, and guidelines related to information security.



ASU Data Handling Standard

ASU’s Data Handling Standard defines the classifications of information sensitivity and the minimum standard for protection of University managed information in any form.

Information Security Office’s Data Handling Matrix

ASU’s Data Storage Matrix identifies network and cloud storage services that can be used for specific data types.

List of departments’ senior TAG representatives

Your senior TAG representative is a voice for your unit in IT policy and a conduit for some information access needs.



Official wifi (encrypted wireless)

ASU’s encrypted wireless service helps to protect your Internet communications from eavesdropping while on campus.

Dropbox for Education

Includes a best practices document for using Dropbox at ASU and a link to sign up for a Dropbox account.

Device & Data Encryption on getprotected (more information)

Gives additional background information and links to detailed instructions to encrypt devices and network communications.



Physical Security on getprotected (more information)

Includes additional tips for securing connected devices physically.

Source for “found smartphone” statistics

Article describes a study showing that many who find lost smartphones look for personal information on them,

including passwords, online banking details, and email messages.



ASU LiveSafe app

The LiveSafe mobile app helps ASU community members communicate with ASU Police, Safety Escort Service, and Motorist Assist.

ASU Now article

Online interview with Fulton Schools of Engineering professor about “smart” devices, the risks they present, and measures people can take to protect them.

Wikipedia definition of “Internet of things”

Describes the “Internet of Things” in detail including applications, standards, regulations, controversies, and privacy and security concerns.



Duo (two-factor authentication)

Brief training videos and enrollment procedures for using Duo two-factor authentication to enhance your login security at ASU.

LastPass (password management)

Information on acquiring, installing, and using LastPass to manage your passwords on ASU systems and other online services.

Password Help on getprotected

Questions and answers about using, securing, and changing your ASURITE password.




Austrian hotel ransomware attack

Article describes (and clarifies) the 2017 ransomware attack interfering with an Austrian hotel’s ability to program keycards for guests checking in.

Protecting Against Phishing on getprotected

Description of phishing techniques, risks, and protective measures.

Recent Phishing Scams on getprotected

Catalog of past and current specific phishing messages sent to members of the ASU community, and instructions for reporting a suspected phishing message you’ve received.



Incident Response on getprotected (more information)

Information for reporting and handling information security incidents and events, including links to ASU’s Incident Response Standard and a summary of the procedure.



Security Review on getprotected

Documentation and online self-assessment guidelines for the ASU security review process, highly recommended before implementing new systems and/or significant changes to existing systems. This process is required for all UTO sponsored projects.



Contract Language

Boilerplate information security language required in contracts between ASU departments and entities providing services involving ASU data and/or systems.