Student Jobs E-Mail Scam

A large number of phishing scam emails have been seen targeting ASU students. The scam works by sending you an email with the promise of a job. The email subjects vary, some saying “Student Jobs" and others saying "Application Approved", even though you never submitted an application. The scamming email will ask you for your full name, address, and telephone number. The scammer then tells you that you will be doing various things, like acting as a middleman to purchase office supplies. If you respond to the scammer and accept the fake job, you then receive a check for a large sum of money ($2980.00 has been used on at least a couple of occasions). Once you receive the check, the scammer contacts you after receiving the check and tells you that a mistake was made and they need to withdraw most of the money from the original check (e.g., $2600.00). The scammers then asks you to transfer the cash back to the sender. You are told to use transfer services like Walmart-to-Walmart transfer to send the money immediately. Then the check you had deposited will bounce and you've lost the amount of money that was sent to the scammer. 

If you receive any communication that is similar to the scam described above, immediately take the following steps:

  • Do not respond and discontinue all contact
  • Anyone who has received a check, should hold onto that check and not deposit it as the check could become needed in the future. 
  • Anyone who has deposited the check or has done anything to transfer funds should contact ASU PD to file a report
  • Report the incident to