Meltdown and Spectre

Security Researchers have discovered two hardware vulnerabilities involving CPU chips. The first vulnerability is called "Meltdown". Meltdown allows a program to access your system's memory, potentially exposing sensitive information such as username and passwords or application data. The second vulnerability found is called "Spectre". Spectre breaks down application isolation on your system. This break down allows an attacker to potentially access data across applications thus exposing data. It is recommended that you patch your system. However, there is one important thing to be aware of prior to patching your system.

Some Anti-Virus programs are causing issues when attempting to apply patches that address the vulnerabilities as noted here. It is important that you check with your chosen anti-virus vendor to ensure your anti-virus program will not cause any issues when patching these two vulnerabilities.

NOTE: ASU Windows systems supported by UTO will be patched on 2018-Jan-05.

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