Card Skimmers in Arizona

Recently, law enforcement agencies have noticed a marked rise in the use Card skimmers at local gas stations in Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix area. The Arizona Agriculture Department says 128 card skimmers have been found at 74 locations since 2016. A card skimmer is a card-reading device placed either inside or placed over the actual legitimate card reader. The device captures the financial information from a card, and the data can be used to create "cloned" cards to withdraw your money.

It is recommended that you always be on the lookout for card skimmers. The above image is one example of a skimmer. Some models are even harder to detect visually. Additionally, consumers should ensure the gas pump panel is closed and doesn’t show signs of tampering. Many stations now put security seals over the cabinet panel. This is part of a voluntary program by the industry to thwart gas pump tampering. If the pump panel is opened, the label will read "void," which means the machine has been tampered with. 


Consumers who think they've found a skimming device at a gas pump may contact the Arizona Attorney General's Office at 602-542-7942. Additionally, ASU offers identity repair services to all students, faculty, and staff through our partnership with ALLClear ID. To find out more about the identity repair service through AllClear ID, click here.

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